Change Management

Successful organisations understand the value of investing time and effort when planning and implementing change.

At Starfish, we work alongside our clients to advise, plan, lead, guide and / or execute change initiatives.  Our approach is to engage with you so that we understand your drivers for change, and the benefits that your organisation is seeking as a result of the change initiative.  We provide independent, experienced and specialist advice and services to ensure that you realise your goals.  Our reputation depends on our ability to assist you to meet your needs.

Change management is the planned transition from where an organisation is today to where it seeks to be.  Using contemporary, proven approaches and skilled consultants, we focus on enabling change through people, processes and technology.

Successful change initiatives result in the delivery of tangible capability, such as products, buildings and / or IT systems and / or intangible capability, such as process improvement, cost reduction or a new organisational structure. Improved organisational performance happens when you take your people with you on the change journey.  Our commitment is to help you take your people with you and to realise benefits for your organisation that are specific, observable and measurable.

Starfish offers a range of strategic change management services including:

  • Leadership
  • Change Planning and Implementation
  • Independent Quality Assurance
  • Organisational Capability Development
  • Change tools and methodologies.