Starfish has recently assisted a Government Agency with training to raise project management and governance maturity, approximately 200 staff have commenced learning and development of the Agency Project Management Framework and a National Certificate in Project Management (unit-standard based qualification at Level 4).

There was a need to ensure that staff in project governance roles understand the requirements of the project governance function and the necessary behaviours required to fulfil the responsibilities.

Starfish provided training workshops to managers who have project governance roles, to provide a clearer understanding of their role and raise awareness of their responsibilities to enable projects to be governed more effectively.

Specifically, we delivered training by ensuring there is:

  • Appropriate deployment of knowledge, skills, experience and judgement
  • Independent thinking
  • The questioning of assumptions and established orthodoxy
  • Challenge which is constructive, confident, principled and proportionate
  • Rigorous debate
  • A supportive decision-making environment
  • A common vision
  • Achieving closure of items of business and projects.