Strategic Lessons Learned (PIR)

Starfish was engaged to undertake a Strategic Lessons Learned Review (Post Implementation Review) of a strategic and legislative programme within a large Government Agency.

The purpose of the review was to create a single document that identified the high level strategic learning themes gained from the programme, by consolidating the collective experiences of:

  • Agency stakeholders
  • External stakeholders
  • Programme management
  • Lessons already identified and documented.

On the basis of these strategic learning themes:

  • Recommended how the Agency might approach programmes of work in the future
  • Identified capability improvements the Agency might implement to make it better equipped to conduct large programmes of work in the future.

We undertook this assignment by initially scoping the assignment to confirm the effort required.  Upon presenting a scoping document, we completed the Review by undertaking interviews of over 45 staff.  Including:

  • The management layer (still employed at the Agency) which had participated in the programme and been impacted or affected in some way by the implementation of the programme
  • Representatives from four external stakeholder Agency organisations.

We then undertook a documentation review:

  • Lessons Learned reports
  • Phase completion reports
  • PQA reports
  • Current state of the programme operations report
  • Other programme documentation.

Starfish provided observations, commentary and recommendations contained within the report that represented a major learning theme.