New Business Model

Starfish was engaged to assist in improving and reshaping an organisation to reach optimum levels of business performance.

Starfish was engaged to deploy specialist change management skills for the programme to implement a new business operations model.  The business changes included the relocation of several hundred staff across multiple sites, the transition of key operations functions from Wellington to Auckland and the transition of some functions offshore.

During this assignment Starfish:

  • Developed change management and communications plans
  • Identified and engaged with key stakeholders (including senior and middle managers) involved with and / or impacted by the proposed changes to the way the business was going to operate in future
  • Worked closely with key HR / Business teams as part of the transition change management activities
  • Worked closely with the IT, Premises and Logistics teams as part of the accommodation and relocation change management activities
  • Facilitated sessions with business champions to understand business needs, shared information across teams, and engaged their buy-in and support for the changes
  • Developed and delivered communications for multiple audiences and forms of communication as identified during communications planning
  • Provided support to the Programme Management team, and mentorship for workstream leaders who were less experienced in this type of business change
  • Established support processes for management and staff directly and indirectly impacted by the organisation restructure
  • Conducted regular ‘health checks’ to monitor the impact of change on key business teams and developed action plans to follow up any issues raised.