Our work

Procurement Policy Review
A small Crown owned organisation engaged Starfish to undertake a procurement policy review. This organisation had a standing procurement policy and procedure that guided and governed procurement of and expenditure with external suppliers. The policy was scheduled for review.
New Business Model
Starfish was engaged to assist in improving and reshaping an organisation to reach optimum levels of business performance.
Starfish was responsible for the development of a transition project plan and a change management plan.
Change and Process
Starfish was responsible for the development of the process component of a change management plan within a Government Agency.
Business Case Development
Starfish provided a Government Agency a number of business analysts to develop a Business Case.
Business Analysis
Starfish was engaged to provide business analysis expertise to establish a set of project templates, based on best practice examples that were modified to suit the Government Agency culture and project maturity levels.
Current / Future State
Starfish provided senior business analyst expertise for a Government Agency programme of work encompassing a number of related projects, each of which will contribute to the efficient and effective administration of a range of joint and back office functions.
Starfish has recently assisted a Government Agency with training to raise project management and governance maturity, approximately 200 staff have commenced learning and development of the Agency Project Management Framework and a National Certificate in Project Management (unit-standard based qualification at Level 4).
Starfish was engaged by a large Government Agency to provide a range of Procurement expertise in support of a number of imminent and in-train initiatives.
Financial Analysis
Starfish was engaged by a large Government Agency to undertake a Fee Review. Using Activity Based Costing (ABC) techniques, providing the cost of all activities, and a select group of products needing review for the purpose of setting fees. Validation of results and providing input to the pricing presented to the Government Select Committee.
Business Case Review
A Government Agency was implementing a major upgrade to their resourcing system. Starfish was engaged to provide a methodology to relate business benefits from the original project business case to project deliverables, and to develop an appropriate set of business success measures.
Strategic Lessons Learned (PIR)
Starfish was engaged to undertake a Strategic Lessons Learned Review (Post Implementation Review) of a strategic and legislative programme within a large Government Agency.
Business Case Project Manager
A Starfish Project Manager managed two streams of work within a division of a Government organisation. This was part of a wider programme, which developed a future operating model. This project required a complete review of roles, duties, staffing (levels and numbers) and location.
Portfolio Prioritisation
One of New Zealand’s largest Government Agencies provides support to individual New Zealanders.
Data Analysis
Starfish provided Data Business Analyst services to a Government organisation. The primary focus of the role was to provide support to a large project delivering the detailed business case to support the client.
Project Management
Starfish provided Project Management Services to a Government organisation Central Access Control and Physical Security which involved transitioning disparate systems into one central access system.
Senior Project Manager
Project Management - Business Case Development - Procurement
Business Case Development
Indicative Business Case
Workstream Leads
Project Management - Business Analysis
Change Analyst
Change - Business Analysis