Great people make the difference

17 February 2017 / Kim Lusby
Great people make the difference

At Starfish, we are fortunate that we get to work with clients on programmes of work that will, over time make a significant difference to the lives of many New Zealanders. 

At present, we are supporting some key programmes with a broad range of professionals, from Project Administrators through to Programme Managers. 

Often, we are awestruck by the level of commitment from our clients and contractors, today is no different.  For so many their work is so much more than a job. They are truly committed to making a difference. 

Since 2003 we have been fortunate enough to be involved in programmes of work that deliver better services to New Zealander, often these have been complex multi-agency programmes in a variety of sectors from Education to Defence.

Working to benefit New Zealand has been one of our values from day one, and have remained the same for more than 14 years.

Thank you to those we have worked with closely.  You have inspired us, and made a tangible difference the lives of so many.