Project Coordination

Project professionals who support the project to ensure that the people and resources devoted to completing a goal are used, managed and controlled appropriately.

A Starfish Programme / Project Coordinator or Administrator will ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the back office and management support functions within your project.  (Note that the use of “project” within this document refers to both “programme” and “project”.)

As well as providing administrative support, an experienced project coordinator or administrator will provide “glue” to the project by acting as eyes and ears to pick up on potential issues within the project, and communicating to the project manager.  This function is the key to any coordinator or administrator becoming a highly valuable member of any project.  This partnership between the project manager and the coordinator or administrator provides a major boost to de-risking any change project. 

Clearly a good coordinator or administrator needs to have the appropriate project support and organisational skills to provide efficient administrative services to the project manager and other senior project members.

Starfish project coordination services offer appropriate project coordinators and administrators who can competently fulfil the role, and if required by nature of the complexity or importance of the project, provide the intel function as well.  Choosing the right experience level of coordinator or administrator is critical to a successful service provision.

Our coordinators and administrators have experience working in a variety of environments and we can apply capability to meet the specific needs of your project manager.  We believe the fit in terms of Modus Operandi and personality between the project manager and the coordination / administration function is critical to ensuring a productive partnership, and to contribute to a successful project outcome.

What Starfish Project Coordinators and Administrators can do for your organisation

Our coordinators and administrators can help you with the following:

  • Maintaining the project information management system and processes
  • Prompting the project management of the requirement for tasks that need to be completed
  • Highlighting areas to project management that may need addressing
  • Distributing information / reports to appropriate stakeholders
  • Acting as the eyes and ears to pick up on potential issues and passing to the project manager.

Starfish has an impressive track record of providing programme and project coordinators / project administrators as individuals, or as a managed service team.