Starfish has a superb track record developing and delivering in-depth project, training, and public and private sector experience, both as a team and as individual consultants.  Built around our approach are proven methodologies, approaches and templates that will ensure a robust framework of training that will deliver great results for our clients. Starfish is able to provide practical modular services (workshops) to the identified programme and project management personnel. Examples of modular training sessions include:

  • Project planning
  • Planning project quality management
  • Planning project risk management
  • Task scheduling (utilising WBS techniques)
  • Time and cost estimation
  • Communications and stakeholder management.

Coaching and Mentoring

Starfish provides coaching / mentoring for individuals / groups (as required) at programme and project levels.  We provide mentors who are savvy project management practitioners, with extensive knowledge of coaching techniques and who are familiar with Starfish coaching approaches and methodology.

Starfish coaching methodology combines the most effective elements of coaching theory, managerial and business experience and analysis / assessment tools to help clients focus their time, energy and resources on accomplishing their objectives.  The coaching programmes provide a structure that support individuals and teams to take the actions necessary to achieve strategic objectives, personal and professional changes, and potentially develop a continuous learning culture within their organisation.

Incorporated into the programmes are a mixture of scheduled face to face coaching and phone meeting sessions.  The term of coaching can vary; however, we typically recommend a minimum time frame of three months is required for individuals and teams to participate in a coaching programme.  This time frame is essential for long term benefits and achieving optimum results.

The three core programmes currently offered by Starfish:

  • Leadership Performance Coaching Programme – purpose: this is designed to equip an existing or new leader with tools and skills to lead teams
  • Achiever Coaching Programme – purpose: this is designed for any individual within an organisation to equip them with skills and tools to increase their performance levels and results on a professional and personal level
  • Champion Team Coaching Programme – purpose: this is designed for a leader and their team to equip all members (including the Team Leader) with the skills and tools that optimise team performance.

Project Management for Non-Project Managers

To work together effectively on any project, everyone on the team needs to use a common language and have a clear understanding of all expectations.   It is for this reason, Starfish has developed a unique seminar designed for individuals with little or no prior knowledge of project management (PM), who are part of teams delivering projects, those who simply want to know more about PM or those who are making the transition to project environments. In a day or two, you will develop an understanding of essential terminology and apply basic PM tools and techniques to increase your effectiveness both on the team and in your own functional area.

This workshop is delivered in a series of customisable modules that can be tailored to meet your needs (i.e. use your methodology and / or templates).  The content can be delivered in 1 - 3 days depending on the level of ‘immersion’ required for your people.  Exercises, case studies and video content reinforce the learning, along with group discussions of real-life examples.  Our workshop covers:

  • Effective planning of the work, produce project timelines, allocate resources and apply project control techniques
  • Appreciate basic project management terminology
  • Understand the aspects of quality, risk, cost and procurement management and how to manage them
  • How to effectively establish stakeholder relationships, manage (competing) expectations and develop the ‘art’ of communication
  • To monitor the project management plan and produce meaningful reports
  • The keys to successful team leadership
  • Be informed of various tools and techniques.
Starfish has recently assisted a Government Agency with training to raise project management and governance maturity, approximately 200 staff have commenced learning and development of the Agency Project Management Framework and a National Certificate in Project Management (unit-standard based qualification at Level 4).