We assist at every stage of the procurement process at all levels, whether strategic, tactical or operational.

At Starfish, our experienced practitioners provide hands-on support at every stage of the procurement lifecycle.  

We use our expertise to execute fit-for-purpose procurement services that reinforce good practice from supplier selection through to dispute resolution, be that strategic or operational, consulting or contracting services. 

Our procurement practitioners assist with every aspect from planning and analysis through to supplier / contract review. 

  • Organisational planning and analysis
  • Strategic procurement
  • Supplier sourcing and selection
  • Engagement and management
  • Review.
Starfish was engaged by a large Government Agency to provide a range of Procurement expertise in support of a number of imminent and in-train initiatives.
Procurement Policy Review
A small Crown owned organisation engaged Starfish to undertake a procurement policy review. This organisation had a standing procurement policy and procedure that guided and governed procurement of and expenditure with external suppliers. The policy was scheduled for review.