Independent Quality Assurance forms an active part of good programme and project process.

Independent Quality Assurance (IQA) provides external, impartial comment and observations on factors which may be affecting the overall performance of the programme or project.  IQA suggests alternative approaches, where relevant, that the programme and project team may wish to consider. 

At the organisational level, reviews enable a view of the overall success of the processes and procedures that are currently in place for managing change.  

IQA is an active part of good programme and project process. IQA is not about telling staff how to do their job, or designed to allocate blame when weakness is identified.

Our experience

Starfish has been providing IQA and related services and resources to the public and private sector since 2003.  We have an enviable reputation for quality of delivery, managing risk and stakeholder management.  We bring a track record of delivering IQA services both as a team and as individual consultants. Built around our approach are proven methodologies, approaches and templates that will ensure a robust framework of training that deliver great results for our clients.

We offer the following IQA services:

  • Independent Quality Assurance
  • Operational Reviews
  • Post Implementation Review
  • Programme and Project Quality Assurance
  • Qualitative Risk Analysis
  • Security Management and Reviews.

The Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO), as the functional leader for Government ICT, has established an independent panel of Independent Quality Assurance (IQA) and Technical Quality Assurance (TQA) providers.  Starfish is very proud to be appointed to this Panel for the following assurance services:

  • Programme Assurance
  • Project Assurance
  • Technical Implementation Assurance.
Strategic Lessons Learned (PIR)
Starfish was engaged to undertake a Strategic Lessons Learned Review (Post Implementation Review) of a strategic and legislative programme within a large Government Agency.