"A person who provides expert advice professionally" - the Oxford Dictionary definition of consultant.

Starfish provides consulting services focussing on improving the organisational performance of our clients across a wide range of business and IT areas.

These services include the analysis and reporting of business / IT matters, business case development, programme and project management, IQA, business analysis and change management. 

Clients engage Starfish consulting services to access a level of expertise and knowledge that is not practical for them to retain on a permanent basis - our clients engage us when they need a specific problem solved.  Starfish Consultants are experienced and capable in their areas of expertise, and Starfish takes pride in utilising these resources to provide professional and capable consulting services that fully meet our clients’ needs.

In providing consulting services, Starfish assumes the responsibility for the delivery of outputs and / or outcomes agreed between Starfish and the client, and this is reflected in the risk ownership profile and the fee structure utilised.  The fee for these services will be agreed as appropriate, but may include components such as fixed fee, outcome based, milestone payments, hourly or daily rates, or shared benefit / rewards.

The difference between a consultant and contractor?  It can be confusing.

In a pure sense, there is a clear difference between consulting and contracting work.  Under a consulting arrangement, a contractual agreement is reached, and from that point, responsibility for the delivery to the agreed outcomes / outputs lies with the consultant.  Under a contracting arrangement, appropriately skilled and experienced contractors are provided to the client, who utilises these resources under their own direction to achieve their outcomes / outputs.

These definitions apply well in many instances in the Starfish-client engagement.  However, often client requirements lie between these two definitions and therefore many assignments Starfish undertakes have components of both consulting and contracting in them. The same Starfish Consultant may be engaged on a consulting or contracting basis within the same workstream, depending on client needs.  The ability of Starfish to operate as a provider of consulting services, or supplier of contractor resource, or a hybrid that sits between these two modes enables our clients to tailor their use of Starfish services to exactly meet their needs.

Regardless, Starfish provides Delivery Assurance (DA) across both service offerings.  The consulting service will receive more in-depth DA than that undertaken for a contracting assignment.